How to Protect Your Home from Severe Winter Cold

Wichita homeowners face winter storms with severe ice and snow every year that can do damage to homes and threaten the safety of families. That’s why it’s important to take precautions and prepare your home for the coldest winter months. Here are some ways you can protect your home from severe winter cold and the elements.

Winterize Your Home

  1. Ice and high winds can damage the exterior elements of your home, so check your siding, shutters and any other exterior elements to make sure they’re secure.
  2. Clear gutters of sludge and debris to make sure you have proper drainage away from your home’s foundation. Added weight on your roof from ice and snow can cause structural damage, so check your roof for any holes or damage before bad weather hits.
  3. Apply caulk to drafty windows and use weather stripping on exterior doors to keep cold out and heat in so your energy bills stay as low as possible.
  4. Insulate your exposed pipes to prevent freezing, expansion and bursting. Keep at least a trickle of water running to prevent pipes from freezing during the coldest days.
  5. Look for tree branches near your roof or power lines that could potentially cause problems. Trim away any branches that could fall on your roof, vehicles or power lines when carrying the added weight of snow and ice.
  6. Make sure you are stocked up on emergency supplies for winter. Keep an emergency supply of food on hand in case travel becomes impossible. Keep rock salt and shovels handy in case you are snowed in. Keep a fuel-burning heater around in case your heat goes out.


We know bad weather is coming in Kansas. The best way to protect your home is by preparing for the worst possible outcomes. You’ll have a better chance of getting through winter without any major incidents.

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